Ready Set Gut Health - Martine & Peter Dingle PHD

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We have included this book on our website as a significant number of the recipes have been created to be used with the LadyShip Essence Extractors.

Ready Set Gut Health - Martine & Peter Dingle PHD

A healthy gut is crucial for a balanced immune system, mental resilience, healing and repair and your overall happiness. It all starts in the gut, and when things go wrong, the gut is almost always involved. 

This book will help you understand your gut health, your microbiota and everything you can do to keep your gut healthy and in balance. 

Full of delicious healthy recipes to transform your gut health and packed with  healthier alternatives,  it contains a simple gut healing protocol, specially created to inspire and motivate you on your gut healing journey.

Available from May 9th, 2018.

"Dr Peter and Martine Dingle have produced another amazing book, jam-packed full of easy-to-digest information and current research.  This book demystifies gut health, providing a step-by-step guideline to heal yourself.  It is for anyone who is suffering from poor health, to the individual who is looking for more vitality.  I personally work with Martine, who has helped many of my clients achieve greater states of being.  Both Peter and Martine’s commitment to education, research, their clients and the greater community is commendable. "

- Dr Andrina Chien BSC (CHIRO), BCHIRO. (HONS)
Integrative chiropractor and director of Open Space Healing