LS-758 Blade (NEW connector)

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Next to RPM the blade type and configuration is crucial when it comes to blender performance.
LadyShip pioneered 6 blade and serrated blade technology as far back as 1999 and has incrementally evolved over the years.
The blade configuration means that it is not necessary to use a tamper tool and the low set blade is perfect when milling flour, etc.
The efficiency can easily be seen in our videos.
The LS-758 blade is made of titanium and is engineered to break up ice, nuts, seeds and much more…hot or cold liquids can be used, check out our 60 second soups in the recipes and video pages.
Changing the blade can be a DIY project that will only take a few minutes of your time.
To remove the blade assembly you must remove the base plate, which has a left hand thread. 
This means you must turn the base plate anticlockwise to remove it, which is opposite to how most threads work.
To replace the base plate you must turn the base plate clockwise.
There are two versions of this blade.
The older version has a different connector and will not fit the new female connectors found on later machines.
The older connector has a smaller shaft and different pitch and tooth spacing.
Whereas the new version has a larger shaft. (see photo)