Blade Housing (LS-588 & LS-658)

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The blade housing/seal is probably the highest wearing component on any blender, juicer or food processor and will require replacing from time to time.
LadyShip has considered this during the design process and have made it a relatively easy part to replace, as well as making it cost effective. 
There are three key indicators that the blade housing may need replacing.
  1.  Is there any leakage around the jar connector underneath the jar.
  2. How snug the blade is. If the blade has any sideways movement the blade housing may need replacing.
  3. Noise level. If your machine sounds louder than usual it could be an indicator the blade housing requires replacement.
  4. If you have all 3 indicators it definitely needs replacing.

Customers ask us how long before intends replacing?

This is entirely based on the amount of use.... but as an approximation work on 2 years.

We also have DIY instructions on how to replace the male connector.
If you find replacing it yourself is to difficult we can replace it for you for small fee, plus postage.
Please contact us directly if you require further assistance.
 DIY manual to replace LS-588 Jar Parts
 DIY manual for replacing LS-658 Jar Parts