Service & Support


Help us to Help You

If you have been able to resolve the issue yourself, well done, but if you haven’t and you need to contact us be aware the service consultant will ask you a series of questions and may even request you send some photos through to establish how we can be of assistance.In pursuit of resolving the issue as quickly as we can we will need some basic information from you;
  • If you think you may have a warranty claim you will need the purchase receipt to verify the date of purchase.
  • Machine type and model number
  • A clear account of what you think the issue might be
  • If it is a technical issue and you know that it occurred because of something you have done we recommend you be upfront with your communication. If you your unaware of how it occurred thats ok, but given we know our machines inside and out, through experience we are aware of every technical or user created issue that exists and how it can occur.
Always remember we are here to help and support you get the most out of your product.

Getting Assistance

Whether it be a user issue or technical issue WE CAN HELP YOU!
Some times in life when it’s all been a bit much we tend to over-react to situations that really are not as much of a drama as one would think.Helping you will be much easier if your you remain calm and present to the issue.Depending on what the issue is you may be able to resolve it yourself.
The following resources exist to support you in resolving any issues you may come across.
  • Instruction Manuals
  • FAQ Page
  • DIY Maintenance Manuals
  • Product Information Pages
  • Recipe Pages
  • LadyShips YouTube Page
Anyone of these may hold the answer to your question and if it doesn’t you can either;
  • Phone us
  • Email us; or
  • Message us through Facebook, but we recommend using the phone if it’s urgent

Customer Satisfaction

Gaining the utmost out of your purchase as a customer is just important to us as it is to you. Our business survives and thrives as a result of your overall satisfaction with us as a company.

It’s easy enough to be satisfied with a product or service when its working, but you really find out a about a company when something goes wrong or it is damaged knowingly or unknowingly.

  • Can you get parts?
  • Can you get support?
  • How long will it take?
  • Does it cost a fortune to repair?
  • Can I do the repair myself?

These are just a few of the questions that people ask us when they purchase a machine from us, and thankfully we can answer yes to these and many more questions, all of which add to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

With the release of this website we have have done our best to raise the bar even higher and higher so that you knot only feel conformable with your purchase, but excited and inspired to share your experiences with your family and friends.

And please if you have any positive experiences you would like to share with us and our customers we would love to hear from you by phone email or social media.