Quinoa Japarti's


1/2 cup uncooked fresh quinoa
1/2 - 3/4 cup freshly made soy milk, cashew milk or organic milk
1 large egg
salt and pepper


Place the jar on your essence extractor with nothing in it, making sure the safety lock is secured. Remove the vented cap from the lid and install the hopper. With your quinoa at the ready push the Auto button and slowly pour the quinoa into the machine as it is running. Place the vented cap into the hopper opening and allow the machine to run for around 30 seconds. This will create the quinoa flour. Once you have created the flour and you have stopped the machine add the egg and milk and blend until throughly mixed (approx 15 seconds). Preheat a pan and add some coconut oil to the pan, then pour in your quinoa mix and cook on both sides until golden. Add you own filling as desired.


Makes approximately 4 japarti's.