Commercial Grade Nut Milk Coffee

How to make a high grade commercial nut milk coffee?

If you have ever purchased a commercially made coffee with almond milk, cashew milk or some other form of nut milk you may find as we have that it has a distinctly watery after taste or it just doesn’t taste like that much like coffee.
There are a couple of reasons for this;
  1. If a freshly made nut milk is made with a commercial blender and a nut milk bag, the nut milk and the coffee splits very quickly, which leaves you with the watery after taste.
  2. If a commercially made nut milk or even soy milk is used out of a carton there are two problems. The first is the taste. Carton made soy and nut milk doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as freshly made. Secondly you still have to deal with the nut milk splitting away from the coffee, making the coffee very watery, which does not taste very good at all.

With some investigation we believe we have found out why this happens, but more importantly how to resolve it.
Firstly if you use a carton of commercially made nut milk the ratio of nuts to water is extremely low at around 2% – 3%. As well as that quite often preservatives and emulsifiers are used, which also affects the taste. Thats why some cafes have progressed to making their own fresh nut milks, which is better but the splitting issue still leaves a watery after taste.
The featured photo at the top of the page demonstrates the splitting problem clearly. The coffee on the right was made using a standard blending process and a nut milk bag. The nuts to water ratio was much higher than that of the carton nut milks and it definitely tastes heaps better, but it still split, which means the watery after taste is still there.
So what is the solution?
The solution is not just making it fresh, but it’s in the equipment and process as well.
If you look at the featured photo at the top of the page the coffee on the right split within 2 minutes and the coffee on he left didn’t. Both coffee’s where made using the same nut milk ingredients, however the process was vastly different. Also the taste of the coffee on the left was the same as it was 2 minutes after it had been made… and it’s the best commercially made coffee I have ever had, plus it has the added benefit that it’s healthier than coffee made with dairy milk, which is a real big bonus.
So what is secret is to use a LadyShip Essence Extractor and a nut milk bag together at the same time.
If your a cafe or restaurant and you wish to serve high quality nut milk made coffee, we highly recommend that you purchase the LS-758 X-Power Booster and follow the process as outlined below.
If your staff follow this procedure accurately and don’t try and take short cuts you will get a great result.
Should you have any questions please feel free to call us any time.


Makes 3 litres of fresh nut milk using the LS-758 X-Power Booster
4 cups of activated nuts
dates for sweetness (the dates can also be soaked)
3.2 – 3.5 litres of water (the LS-758 has a high extraction rate so you may even find that you can add little more water)


To activate the nuts soak in water for a minimum of 6 hours.
Install the #1 filter in to the jar. Add 1 cup of nuts and dates and 700ml of water.
Place the lid on the jar and lock the safety arm. Now install the hopper and the vented cap.
Place a container with the nut milk bag installed inside it and slide the container under the tap.
ON the LS-758 push the HIGH/LOW button and wait for about 5 seconds. then open the tap.
TIP: The first initial 50 – 100 ml might be worth catching in a glass and then putting it back through the machine, but you will only ever have to do this at the very beginning of making a batch.
Allow the machine to blend for about 5 – 8 seconds then open the tap and allow some of the milk to express in to the container and bag. Once the bag is full you will have to stop and squeeze the milk through.
Add another 300 ml of water to the first 700ml of water, you don’t need to stop the machine if the nut milk bag is not full. Again let it process a short period the open the tap. The secret is not to let the milk rise above the top of the filter but to gain it of once it rises to about 3/4 height of the filter.
Once you have done 1 cup of  nuts stop the machine. Remove the vented cap and add another cup of nuts and dates and repeat the process. You will only need to remove the pulp from the jar once the pulp fills about half the jar. Leaving the pulp in the jar makes the nut milk even creamier and we believe it is one of the reasons the nut milk does not split. Once you get the hang of doing this it’s reasonably quick and easy. Although we are looking to improve the process so you will not have to use the nut milk bag at all.
For domestic users you make not want to use the nut milk bag in which case you may wish to pass the milk through the machine twice. Also domestic users will require smaller quantities of ingredients to get the job done.


For commercial operators we can provide in house staff training if required.

For domestic users we do provide workshops and user training from time to time. We will notify you through our emails and Facebook page when a workshop is planned.

Please feel free to contact us any time for support.