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How to choose the right LadyShip Organic Essence Extractor for you?

What is so different about a LadyShip Essence Extractor versus other blenders?

Whats the difference between a LadyShip blender and a Vitamix or similar blender?

What's the difference between a LadyShip and Nutribullet blender?

Is blending better than juicing or juicing better than blending?

Does a high speed blender damage enzymes?

Do you need a nut milk bag to make almond milk?

What is the jar made from?

What is the difference between watts, horse power and RPM

Can I buy a LadyShip anywhere else other than online?

What do I do if my LadyShip blender suddenly stops?

What do I do if I have broken something or something wears out?

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